Surveying is a must when it comes to buying a boat, just as you would do with a house.

It often comes down to considerable amounts of money and by doing a proper survey you escape the problems that can arise otherwise.
Whoever is selling doesn't have to deal with a buyer that contacts them regarding compensation for possible faults with the sold boat.

We provide ID controls so that you don't buy a stolen boat and have it confiscated.
I simply offer a safe and reliable purchase.

With my long experience in manufacturing I'm to the outmost competent and have the best set of skills regarding boats built on the island of Orust.

I found a boat I want to buy or I'm selling a boat, how do I move on?
Contact me and I will guide you through everything you need to know. I will help you with everything regarding your future purchase or sale.

I practise:
Safety/General condition surveys (Handover surveying).
Value assessments.
Damage surveying.
Gas and fire protection surveying.